Xenoguard, Soft Tissue Repair Membrane


Pericardium membrane for soft tissue reconstruction


- strong and biocompatible implant

- incorporates into the host tissue through cell and microvascular ingrowth

- native uncrosslinked membrane with an in-vivo lifetime up to 12 months

- simple handling

Xenoguard is a cell-free collagen matrix derived from porcine pericardium.

Xenoguard is intended for use as a surgical membrane for soft tissue repair, serving as a scaffold material and tissue coverage or tissue replacement for surgical applications where a longer lifetime of the implant after placement is requested. The double sterile packed membrane is available in various sizes. Xenoguard is sold in dry form. It contains no preservatives.

Xenoguard, Soft Tissue Repair Membrane
Xenoguard, Soft Tissue Repair Membrane